Melaniphy & Associates, Inc. (pronounced “Mel-an-if-ee”)

Melaniphy & Associates, Inc. is a firm of shopping center consultants, real estate counselors, site selection specialists, market analysts, retail experts, restaurant consultants, and international investment advisors, Melaniphy & Associates, Inc. has successfully advised thousands of national and international clients in both the private and public sectors for more than 45 years. E-Commerce is changing shopping habits and patterns throughout the world making shopping center market and economic research more critical today than ever before.

John C. Melaniphy, Chariman & Founder, has been a real estate economist and market analyst for over 45 years. During this time, he has been involved in almost every type of urban and suburban development and redevelopment problem and opportunity.

John C. Melaniphy, III, President has been a real estate consultant and market analyst for over 35 years where he directed staff in all phases of market feasibility analyses, comprehensive site selection strategies, tenant mix evaluations, economic impact analyses, downtown revitalization programs and customer profile studies. John C. Melaniphy, III is the author of the Chicago Metropolitan Area Retail Sales Report which identifies retail sales in the metro area and ranks the top 20 municipalities by major retail category. The report also identifies the top 23 Core Mall markets in the Chicago area. The report also highlights the impact e-commerce is having upon brick and mortar retail sales. E-Commerce represented over $600 billion in retail sales in 2019 or approximately 11 percent of the $5.4 trillion in retail sales in the US.

  • Restaurant Consultants
  • Real Estate Counselors
  • Market Analysts
  • Site Selection Specialists
  • Shopping Center Consultants
  • Retail Market Analysts
  • Downtown Redevelopment
  • International Investment Advisors
  • Franchise Consultants

The philosophy of Melaniphy & Associates, Inc. is to analyze a client's problems and provide expert advice and recommendations.

The company's mission is to help the client implement the advice to ensure the attainment of his/her goals. We often work with our clients from concept planning to project completion to provide our client with maximum benefit of our experience. Our staff of experts come from a wide variety of disciplines which are financially and economically oriented; thus, our philosophy dictates that we look at each recommended action as though we were spending our own money. Thus, if we were hesitant to invest our money, then we certainly would not recommend risking our clients' resources on a marginal or uneconomic project. This entrepreneurial approach is critical to the consulting business and absolutely essential in providing sound economic investment advice.

Most consultants have never had to implement their own recommendations nor build projects as recommended. Members of our staff have. As a result, we have a profound respect for risk/resources and returns on invested capital.

Melaniphy & Associates, Inc. recently completed Retail, Restaurant and Entertainment Market Feasibility Studies in the following markets:

Caledonia, Wisconsin
Chicago, Illinois
Downtown Detroit, Michigan
Elk Grove Village, Illinois
Franklin, Wisconsin
Joliet, Illinois
Lakemoor, Illinois
Madison, Wisconsin
Mount Pleasant, Wisconsin
Naperville, Illinois
Northbrook, Illinois
Oak Creek, Wisconsin
Plainfield, Illinois
Portage, Indiana
Schaumburg, Illinois
Valparaiso, Indiana
Vernon Hills, Illinois